SUNGEAR ENERGIES is a world-class EPC and O&M contractor for Residential, Commercial & Industrial projects. Building on its extensive experience of medium to large scale solar projects, the company is well positioned to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing global solar market. With a strong in-house engineering capability, global scope and unmatched responsiveness, SUNGEAR ENERGIES designs and delivers high quality solar projects for its clients in AP & South India
SUNGEAR ENERGIES is expert across the full range of solar power applications, ranging from stand-alone solar packs, to residential, commercial & industrial applications to complex projects with integrated energy storage. The experience of the SUNGEAR ENERGIES group in the renewable sector, also makes us an ideal partner for hybrid applications, which combine the advantages of renewable energy sources with conventional power generation. Within the domain of electrical infrastructure, we have significant experience and engineering capability essential for the successful integration of solar power to the grid.
SUNGEAR ENERGIES is strongly focused on serving major clients in rural & semi urban solar power sector, with a customer portfolio which includes small entrepreneurs, govt offices and residences of green energy enthusiasts. We aim to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, supporting their growth by consistently delivering quality projects around South India
Development: Based on our substantial project development experience, we selectively target project development opportunities. We aim to add value through a collaborative approach with local customers.
  • Site identification and assessment
  • Energy yield studies & optimization
  • Environmental permits
  • Electricity grid interconnections
  • Planning and building permits
  • LCOE optimization.
Engineering, Procurement & Construction: We offer both full EPC scope including panel supply, as well as EPC for balance of system (BoS) according to client needs.
  • Full turn-key EPC responsibility
  • Optimized in-house engineering & design
  • Procurement strategy based on approved tier-1 suppliers
  • Energy storage integration and hybrid solutions
  • Electrical substations and grid interconnection.
Operation & Maintenance: We are experts in O&M for solar power plants, offering a full range of plant monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance services backed up by appropriate contractual guarantees depending on customer requirements.
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Spare parts management
  • Corrective maintenance
  • 24/7 remote plant monitoring
  • Plant availability guarantees
  • Information management and reporting 

    • Experts in project execution
    • Engineering expertise
    • Complex projects
    • PAN INDIA reach
    • Reliable Partner





    Capacity  : 10kW


    Location   : Kurnool, AP


    Application : Rooftop Application (SP office)


    Energy Estimation :  Approximately 16500 units per annum.


    Capacity  : 5kW


    Location   : Hyderabad, TS


    Application : Rooftop Application (Villa)


    Energy Estimation :  Approximately 8250 units per annum.


    Capacity  : 5kW


    Location   : Nellore, AP


    Application : Rooftop Application ( House)


    Energy Estimation :  Approximately 8500 units per annum.



    Capacity  : 3kW


    Location   : Sulurpet, AP


    Application : Rooftop Application (Commercial building)


    Energy Estimation :  Approximately 5500 units per annum.