Do you the material that required to Install an On-Grid Solar Energy System?

Great!! If you are reading this, you may be decided to go with green power, or you must be a person who is interested in becoming a Solar Entrepreneur. In any case, you are in the process of promoting Renewable Energy. So, without any wait, let’s see what you are all the material you may require for a Solar Rooftop On-Grid Energy System.

  • Solar Panels/ Solar Modules
  • Solar On-Grid Inverter 
  • Solar Structure
  • ACDB (Alternate Current Distribution Box) 
  • DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Box)
  • MC4 Connectors
  • AC Cable
  • DC Cable
  • Earthing Kit
  • Lighting Arrestor

 Above are the basic and mandate material to you need to have for installing an Solar On-Grid Power System.